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Dale of Norway - Heritage Men - Torghatten

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Heritage Men - Torghatten

Torghatten is a mountain which has a naturally formed hole or tunnel through its center. This beautiful lightweight jacket has taken its name and inspiration from the mountain situated in the heart of Norway.

According to an old Norwegian legend the hole was made by the troll Hestmannen while he was chasing the beautiful girl Lekamoyo. As Hestmannen realized that he would not be able to catch the girl, he raised his bow and released an arrow that aimed for her heart. The king of Somnafjellet, Skarsfjellsgubben, saw this and threw his hat in front of the arrow to stop it. The arrow went through the hat and fell into the sea along with the hat. At this very moment the sun rose and everything truned into stone. This is the legend of how the hole in the mountain Torghatten was made.

  • Unisex size and fit, straight cut
  • 2-ply heilo
  • Drawstring

Price: $299.00