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Forever New - Stain Remedy

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Stain Remedy

Truly a breakthrough, this remarkable stain removal formulation is a unique blend of very effective, biodegradable ingredients derived from coconut and palm kernels.

The Stain Remedy can remove the toughest of stains and is even effective for working out older more set in stains while causing no harm to your delicates. It will safely lift blood, makeup, grease, crayon, red wine, fruit, oil, baby formula, perspiration and other ruinous stains.

Colorfastness - It is important to be certain your garment is colorfast, so always test in a hidden area first to make sure The Stain Remedy lifts soils safely without damage to your garments.

Discover the lifting power of Stain Remedy!

Color: As shown in the picture
Size: 8 fl. oz.
Price: $10.00
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