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An ancient exploding star or supernova is thought to be recorded on Native American rock art. In the summer of 1054 AD, a new star as bright as the full moon appeared for nearly a month. The event was recorded in Chinese, Japanese and Arab documents. And some believe Native Americans in the Southwest observed the event. Scientists have hypothesized that a pictograph of a crescent moon and blazing star on the walls of a cave in Chaco Canyon in New Mexico might represent this supernova. The images created by the Western Anazasi appear to show the conjunction of the Moon and the first appearance of the supernova on July 5, 1054 AD. On that date just before dawn, the new supernova and a crescent moon would have appeared very near each other in the sky over Chaco Canyon. The star-like images on our Supernova blanket were inspired by the art of these ancient sky watchers. Unnapped, whipstitch binding. 82% wool/18% cotton. Dry clean. Made in the USA.

Color: 52605 - Indigo Ombre
Style: ZD515 Robe, ZD522 Queen, ZD523 King, XP051 Standard Sham