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Peet Dryer - The Go! PEET Dryer

The Go! PEET Dryer

Dry comfort. UV protection. Wherever...

If you enjoy PEET Dry comfort at home, why not take it with you when you travel! While the Go! PEET® Dryer is small in size for easy packing, it packs a whole lot of drying power to handle a big pair of footwear at once.

PEET UV: Ultraviolet (UV) light technology built into the Go! PEET Dryer helps eliminate bacteria and other contaminants that cause odor, skin irritation and deterioration of materials.

PEET Safe: The Go! PEET Dryer incorporates Positive Temperature Coefficient (PTC) heating technology. PTC heating elements are small ceramic stones with self-limiting temperature capabilities. PTC stones warm up quickly, but their temperature plateaus once the pre-defined reference temperature is reached.

PEET Choice: The Go! PEET Dryer comes with two power adapters one for standard wall outlets, plus one that plugs into the power socket in your automobile, RV or boat.

Standard double unit dries a full pair of footwear at one time; includes 2 power adapters (for standard U.S. wall outlets and vehicle); includes convenient PEET Pouch for travel

Color: Black
Size: One Size
Style: Go! M04P
Price: $29.95
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