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Brown Sheep Company - Lamb's Pride Bulky

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Lamb's Pride Bulky

Our original Lamb's Pride yarn line offers two fantastic weights, worsted and bulky.
Blended of 85% pure, soft wool and 15% mohair, this yarn produces a garment of exquisite loft and softness.
Bulky - 4 oz. (113 grams) pull Skeins - 125 Yards (114 Meters)

Recommended Needle Size: 10.5. Three stitches per inch, 9 rows per 2 inches.
Recommended size crochet hook: K. 3 sc stitches per inch, 3 sc rows per inch.

Hand wash, cool water using Brown's Shampoo and 1/8 C white vinegar. Rinse thoroughly, add 1/8 C White vinegar to last rinse. Roll in towel to remove excess water, lay flat to dry. Press with cool iron, if needed. May also dry clean.

Size: 125 yards
Style: Bulky
Price: $7.95