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Paul Bunyan Blanket

Using quality American craftsmanship, Bemidji Woolen Mills has reproduced this legendary Paul Bunyan Blanket. 100% Pure Wool, jacquard woven. A collector's item.

A Story About
A "Paul Bunyan Playground" Couple

In the late 1930's tourism became a primary industry of the Bemidji area. The people relied on their vacationers. This is a story of a "Paul Bunyan Playground" couple.
Frances and Art Christenson with their two daughters spent summer vacations at Balm Lake for many years. Operating a radio and electric shop in Concordia, Kansas, they decided to sell the business and bought Balm Lake Resort in 1941. The resort had five cabins and no electricity. They moved into the log cabin closest to the lake which had spaces between the logs. This was remedied soon by stuffing with askum (an insulating material). The roads to Bemidji were gravel, taking about two hours to cover thirty miles.
The Christensons began the reconstruction of the resort, but then the war came. They closed up the place and headed for California to work for Henry Kaiser Shipyards for two years. After the return they continued the work, making the resort into eight cabins eventually. Tourists came from all over the country, mostly from Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, and Kansas. Many repeated their stay every summer. Guests liked the rustic atmosphere, family oriented, peace and quiet, and friendliness.After getting the place really going good, Art died of a heart attack in 1955. He thorougly enjoyed the country and loved his fishing. Frances felt she had to do something for living so decided to keep operating the resort, where she still is today at 91 years of age.
She's sold off the resort cabins and lots but still has the original log home and two older cabins for her personal guests. In 1974 she had a new home built up the hill overlooking the lake. From there she keeps track of what is going on - boats, fishing. the birds, etc. During one of their last vacations in 1930's, they purchased a special wool blanketfor $4.98. This blanket bears the "Paul Bunyan Playground" insignia. This has been repeated and prepared by the Bemidji Woolen Mills, commemorating the 1996 Bemidji Centennial.

Color: Hunter Green/Beige
Size: 60 x 94
Price: $135.00