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Crossroads Knit Throw: The Crossroads design reflects First Nations teachings and the power of the four directions, the number "four" is sacred among many Native American tribes. East represents the physical body, the realm of the Warrior. West represents the heart and the path of the Visionary. North is the region of the mind and the wisdom of the Teacher. South represents the spirit, enlightenment and the realm of the Healer. Balance and harmony are achieved where the directions meet at the center of the Medicine Wheel. Crosses in this jacquard pattern symbolize the crossroads where the paths meet the place where an individual becomes whole.

100% Super Washed Merino Wool. Machine washable. Imported.

Color: 52458 - Charcoal
Size: 50 in. x 60 in.
Style: XF230 Throw
Price: $299.00
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