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Compass Stripe

The directional cross, symbolizing the four cardinal directions, is the defining element in our Compass Stripe blanket. Powers and teachings are ascribed to each direction both literally and symbolically in many Native American cultures. The Lakota assign the seasons - spring comes from the East bringing enlightenment; summer from the South with innocence, fall from the West with power and winter from the North with wisdom. The Apache attribute earth, air, water and fire as well as ancestral spirits and animal totems to the directions. To the Navajo, dawn in the East is our thinking direction, South our planning direction. West is living and acting on our thoughts. The North is a source of satisfaction, it's where we evaluate what we began in the East and decide whether we are on the right path. When these elements are in balance, as in this pattern, all is well with the world. Napped, sueded trim. 82% wool/18% cotton. Dry clean. Made in the USA.

Color: 52776 - Navy
Style: ZD490 Robe, ZD517 Queen, ZD518 King, XP040 Standard Sham,
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