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SnugFleece Woolens - SnugSoft Imperial

SnugSoft Imperial

You will doze cozy during the winter because wool is a natural insulator. Air spaces between the fibers trap body heat and circulate warm air next to your body. You are warm on the coldest nights.
You will snooze cool during the summer because of wool's ability to wick moisture away from you on muggy, hot summer nights. A single fiber can absorb 30% of its weight in body vapor, thus cooling you down. No more sticky sheets!,br> Summer or winter, you'll look forward to going to bed. You'll experience an undisturbed, quality sleep like never before.
1 1/4in. pile height/washable backing/2in. corner straps
Machine wash cold, tumble-dry low

Color: As shown in picture
Size: Twin (39x75)
Style: 1091
Price: $137.00
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