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Welcome to the collection of Bemidji's very own world famous woolen garments. The Bemidji Woolen Mills was founded by our Great Grandfather and Grand Father in 1920. As a father and son Ira Preston and Ira Hubert Batchelder set out to produce the highest quality, authentic outdoor woolen apparel for the early logging era in Minnesota and surrounding states. The market area was mainly Northern Minnesota and Northern Wisconsin.

As the logging era faded and times changed dramatically the demand for our authentic apparel has also changed and grown dramatically. Our Father and Uncle, Ira John Batchelder and Ron Batchelder built off the early success of our Great Grand Father and Grand Father and expanded the markets in outdoor clothing through larger distribution and wholesale channels throughout the nation to limited high quality independent outlets and through mail order.

In 1995 the Bemidji Woolen Mills once again began a new day with the 4th Generation of Batchelder to take control of a truly Historic Minnesota Family Owned Business.

We invite you to re-discover the versatility of "Wool, The Original Miracle Fiber".

Bill and Bob Batchelder
4th Generation Family Members
Bemidji Woolen Mills

 - 150 Years of Statehood
Price: $58.00
 - Knit Hat
Price: $15.00
 - Little Minnesota in WWII
Price: $16.95
 - MINNESOTA - A History
Price: $15.95
 - Remembering Minnesota
Price: $16.95
 - Wool Messenger
Price: $62.00
 - Woolen Cloth
Price: $29.50
 - Woolen Cloth
Price: $32.50
 - Woolen cloth
Price: $32.50
 - Woolen Cloth
Price: $32.50

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