60 Years of Adventure

60 Years of Adventure
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60 Years of Adventure 60 Years of Adventure 60 Years of Adventure

60 Years of Adventure

Why this book? | have lived a very adventurous life that most person do not have a chance to do. When | came to NYC, from the Army, to work in Post Production it was boom time for Television Production and | was there at the right time and place in history. At first, my work time was 9am to 5pm.. Then when | went on the evening shift: 7pm to 1am, then | had all day to do what is written in this book. Work- ing days meant the | had to find something to do in the evening, | was not a bar hopper, didn't drink. | did meet some wonderful girls when | worked the day shift. | made a very strong decision in my 20's not start a family at all, when my lady friends found out about my decision, they drifted a way... No nest with this guy...


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