Minnesota Passport

Minnesota Passport
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Minnesota Passport Minnesota Passport Minnesota Passport

Minnesota Passport

Here's everything you always wanted to know about Minnesota, but didn't even know to ask! Our "Minnesota Passport" has 35 pages of detailed information about the 32nd state admitted to the Union. While not an official document, this Minnesota Passport is a fun gift for anyone wanting to have a memento from visiting this 84,068 mile state or for those who've lived here a lifetime. There's a page to place your favorite photograph of Minnesota before the information begins. Each page has a picture of the topic and a description along with a "Did you know" section. The passport is invaluable for children to learn about Minnesota, too.

The cover of the Minnesota Passport looks like a government issued passport and has the great seal of Minnesota stamped in gold in the center. A wide variety of topics are covered such as the, "state flag, state drink, state photograph, record of Minnesota fish, record trees, and the Jeffers petroglyphs." In addition, the professional sports teams are included as well as an "Overview of Minnesota." For instance, did you know that Minnesota is the twelfth largest state in the USA? Yes, time to enjoy Minnesota's beauty.

Minnesota Passport: 3-5/8" x 5-1/2"; 35 pages


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