Star Wheels

Star Wheels
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Star Wheels

High atop the Big Horn Range in Wyoming sits one of the best-known medicine wheels or sacred hoops. This spoked circle of stones was created by Plains Indians between 300-800 years ago. Astronomers have noted that during the summer solstice the spokes of the wheel point to the rising and setting of the sun and four bright stars. At the center of the 80-foot, wheel-like circle is a pile of stones, or cairn, connected to the rim by spokes of stones. More cairns are found around the rim of the circle. The inner and outer cairns line up with rising stars as they appear for the first time on the horizon after being behind the sun. These appearances marked specific events such as the drought season, planting time or the end of summer and time to leave the soon-to-be-snowy mountaintop. The starry skies on which the Medicine Wheel is based inspired our Star Wheels design. Unnapped, sueded trim, 82% wool/18% cotton. Dry clean. Made in the USA.


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