Original Dryer with Deodorizer Module

Original Dryer with Deodorizer Module
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Original Dryer with Deodorizer Module

PEET invented dry! And now PEET eliminates odors completely! The PEET D'ODORIZ'R Module attaches to the PEET Original, Multi, Wader, Advantage and Power Sport dryers to add odor elimination as you safely dry your active footwear. The PEET D'ODORIZ'R Module also works independently to eliminate odors in footwear, storage bins, and small spaces like clothing hampers. It even works great in hunting storage containers for scent free outings
  • Extends the life of footwear and gear
  • Sprays and powders only mask odor. O³ (ozone) Science sinks, penetrates and destroys odor molecules.
  • Operates silently. Turns off automatically.
  • It eliminates odors quickly. - depending on odor impregnation, 1-6 hours
Power: 110-120 volt U.S.
Warranty: 2 years


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