Hudson's Bay 6 Point Blanket

Hudson's Bay 6 Point Blanket

We are Currently Sold out of Hudson Bay Blankets. USA Distribution has been interrupted since early 2018. Bemidji Woolen Mills is working diligently on getting Hudson Bays back in stock. If you place an order you will not be charged until your order is shipped. We will notify you before shipping your order. We are sorry for this situation. Legendary blankets that set the standard by which all others are measured

In the late 1700s, wool blankets were so important to comfort and survival that they were used as a form of currency in trading between trappers and Native Americans. Beaver pelts were exchanged for blankets through the Hudson's Bay Company and its outposts throughout Northern Canada.

Hudson's Bay Point Blankets retain the authentic 100% wool quality that has made these blankets legendary. Like those sold in the 18th century, today's blankets are made in England with wool blended from sources in England, Wales, New Zealand, and India. Each type of wool is selected for qualities that help create a water-resistant, soft, warm, and strong final product. The wool is dyed before it is spun and then air- and sun-dried to brighten the colors. These blankets warm the interior of any home, cabin, or cottage. They will keep you and your guests warm and cozy on the coldest nights, just like they've kept generations of trappers, hunters, fur traders, and Native Americans warm and comfortable. 100% wool. 72" x 90". Imported. Dry clean. Of all the products marketed by Bemidji Woolen Mills, Mike Wellner Online Order Specialist #1 Choice is the 6 Point Green and Black Hudson Bay Point Blanket.


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