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In Conejos County, Colorado, there's an ancient mine known for its unique turquoise - a brilliant shade of emerald green, shot with a matrix of golden stone. In the late 1800s the pioneer settlers who plumbed its depths knew it as Manassa. But perhaps a thousand years earlier, ancient Pueblans worked the mine for its richly colored treasure - green turquoise traded by the Anasazi and used in beads and animal fetishes. In the late 1800s Navajo silversmiths began to fashion this and traditional turquoise into elegant jewelry. Today green turquoise may still be found in southwest Colorado and Nevada. And throughout the Southwest, Navajo artisans continue to create beautiful, sought-after jewelry, some from this stunning gemstone. Our brilliant green blanket commemorates the miners, stonecutters and artisans of the American West and the Native American silversmiths who still fashion these stones into jewelry and talismans. Traditional Native American directional crosses, arrows, diamond shapes and weaving patterns of Navajo, Hopi and Zuni artists are incorporated into a classic 9-element design from our archives. Unnapped. sueded trim. 82% wool/18% cotton. Dry clean. Made in the USA.

Color: 52580 - Emerald
Style: ZD533 Robe, ZD517 Queen, ZD518 King, XP052 Standard Sham