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Pendleton Woolen Mills - Chief Joseph Muchacho Blankets

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Chief Joseph Muchacho Blankets

Muchacho Blankets: Just crib size, but so warm and energizing, it's sure to be taken along wherever the little muchacho or muchacha goes. Made of our softest wool. A treasured baby gift when customized with embroidery or a unique accent on a sofa or bed in any room. 82% pure virgin wool/18% cotton. Dry Clean. Made in the USA. Napped. Felt bound.

Muchacha Fringed Shawls: Historically, shawls were worn by women for warmth and protection and to show off their unique designs. They were frequently used for traditional dances and ceremonies. We offer all of the Chief Joseph Muchacho blanket designs as square, fringed Muchacha Shawls, with 4 in. fringe on all four sides.

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