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Pendleton Woolen Mills - Blankets/Robes/Throws - Wupatki - Blanket Robe

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Wupatki - Blanket Robe

These blankets are robe size, the size preferred by Native Americans for ceremonial purposes and wrapping about oneself as a robe. They are impressive as wall hangings and practical when folded on a sofa or at the foot of a bed. Felt bound. 82% pure virigin wool/18% cotton. Dry clean. Made in the USA.

The design of the Wupatki blanket was inspired by petroglyphs found near the border of Wupatki National Monument in Arizona. Ruins of early Native American cultures, believed to be ancestors of the modern Hopi, are at the site. "Wupatki" is the Hopi word for "Big House." Recurring square-spiral designs echo those carved into the rocks and were common in Anasazi and Sinagua designs. Rectangular border elements signifying the linear shapes of pueblo ruins and traditional stripes are in archetypal colors of black, white and red. Unnapped.

Color: 52902 - Black
Size: 64 in. x 80 in.
Style: ZE493
Price: $249.00
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