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Arapaho Trail

Arapaho Trail Blanket is a spectacular example of a classic nine-element design. The pattern evolved from the traditional banded Chief Stripe and features three rows of three central designs. It originated with the Navajos and gained popularity among other tribes, including the Arapaho. The Arapaho were great traders – their name is thought to have come from the Pawnee word for “traders” – often exchanging furs for blankets. They traveled from Minnesota to Colorado carrying goods on travois – their version of a trailer. Travois were pulled behind dogs or a horse and consisted of two trailing poles with a net between that carried the load. The part of their route that winds from the prairie through Indian Gulch to Clear Creek Junction became known as the Arapaho Travois Trail. Napped. Felt-bound. 82% pure virgin wool/18% cotton. Dry clean. Woven in our Northwest mills.

Style: ZD500 Robe,ZD504 Shawl (Fringed)
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