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SnugFleece International, Incorporated, D.B.A. SnugFleece Woolens, is a privately held corporation enjoying its eighteenth year in 2002. We manufacture in Pocatello, Idaho and sell our wool sleep products throughout the United States. Our product line offers a variety of wool mattress covers and pillow shams. We supply catalogs, such as The Company Store and Harmony. Other customers consist of furniture stores, mattress outlets, sheepskin shops, and linen outlets.

SnugFleece Woolens is totally committed to helping its customers and believes the service received is as important as the product itself. We pride ourselves in being a service-oriented company and work extremely hard to maintain good working relationships with all of our customers.

Our company originated in 1984, initially as an import/wholesale business. We imported mattress covers from New Zealand and packaged and distributed them nationwide from here in Idaho. In 1988 we reorganized and began manufacturing our superior wool products in the USA. We use only American wool thereby supporting our local sheep industry, not our foreign competitors.

SnugFleece entrepreneurs invented the Thermal Fleece Laminating Machine which actually builds our mattress covers one row at a time. This unique SnugFleece process enables us to bind the wool to a cotton backing, creating our most superior mattress cover - The SnugFleece Original. The SnugFleece Original is, by far, our claim to fame. There is nothing else like it in the industry today!

In April 1999, we opened our retail store in Pocatello, Idaho and began doing business as SnugFleece Woolens. Our manufacturing factory is located at 2740 Pole Line Rd. We cater to the local clientele with our superior sleep products, as well as sheepskin slippers and car seat covers, wool blankets, sweaters, socks, and other wool-related items. We invite you to visit us and take advantage of discount prices offered only at SnugFleece Woolens' Factory Outlet!

Respectfully yours,

Frank Holden

 - SnugFleece Original
Price: $331.00
 - SnugFleece Original
Price: $423.00
 - SnugFleece Original
Price: $273.00
 - SnugFleece Original
Price: $198.00
 - SnugFleece II
Price: $238.00
 - SnugFleece Original
Price: $446.00
 - SnugFleece Original
Price: $180.00
 - SnugSoft Deluxe
Price: $76.00
 - SnugSoft Deluxe
Price: $132.00
 - SnugSoft Elite
Price: $90.00
 - SnugSoft Imperial
Price: $175.00
 - SnugSoft Imperial
Price: $303.00
 - SnugSoft Imperial
Price: $324.00
 - SnugFleece II
Price: $94.00
 - SnugFleece II
Price: $176.00

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