Minga - Fair trade is an organized social movement and market-based approach to alleviating global poverty and promoting sustainability. The movement advocates the payment of a fair price as well as social and environmental standards in areas related to the production of goods. It focuses in particular on exports from developing countries to developed countries, mostly handicrafts and agricultural products.

Minga - Bear Animal Hat
Price: $22.00
Minga - Dino Animal Hat
Price: $22.00
Minga - Horse Animal Hat
Price: $22.00
Minga - Ladybug Animal Hat
Price: $22.00
Minga - Lion Animal Hat
Price: $22.00
Minga - Owl (black) Animal Hat
Price: $22.00
Minga - Zebra Animal Hat
Price: $22.00
Minga - Pineapple Knit Food Hat
Price: $16.00
Minga - Pumpkin Knit Food Hat
Price: $16.00
Minga - Kiwi Knit Food Hat
Price: $16.00
Minga - Grape Knit Food Hat
Price: $16.00
Minga - Cow Kid's Animal Sweater
Price: $45.00

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