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Through the earlier years of our catalog in this form, my Dad would write a personal letter of introduction which would be printed in this location on the inside cover. It was an opportunity to tell you about our product for a given year but it was also chance for him to express his thanks, give some history about our compay and maybe even offer his perspective about business and our lives times.

For the 2008 catalog, my Dad wrote a longer letter to you "our wonderful customers", on the occasion of Milwaukee Glove Company's 100th anniversary. He filled in more detail of the timeline of the Lauer family business including memories of his grandfather, his father, his own path to the President's chair, and all within the context of our country's history and the changing glove industry.

In September of last year, my Dad died just a few weeks after our 104th anniversary. I hesitate to include notice of his death in a piece of our marketing literature and yet I cannot think of a more appropriate place to pay tribute to him, especially on this page, in this catalog that was his annual photo "exhibition".

If you were not aware, the photos in our catalogs, including the fall or winter scene shown on each cover, were taken by my Dad. He was an accomplished, amateur photographer - an honorary associate member of the Photo Pictorialists of Milwaukee and an associate member of the Photographic Society of America. His photographs have won many awards, appeared in numerous publications, and been featured in international exhibitions. Most significantly, all of the moments and beauty he captured on film and then in the digital age are a treasured legacy to his family and friends.

It is my responsibility now to greet, thank and attempt to offer perspective. As we begin the year that marks our 105th anniversary. I recognize there is much for wihich to be thankful and to celebrate. From our incorporation in 1908 when my great-grandfather, Joseph Lauer, organized the company... to the time of my grandfather, Jerome Lauer, who left a career in law to join the compay & guide it through the Great Depression and a world war... to the era of my father's management including a move to Marinette, WI in 1966 and his deftness at handling the challenges of produciton in a changing global economy... to my entry into the business in 1985... to the milestone in 2013 that marks the date of our beginning 105 years ago.

Through the years, above all, we celebrate our relationships - business and personal. To you, our wonderful customers (it's not a line), and on behalf of our dedicated office, factory and sales personnel - past and present - we are most grateful for the opportunity to have worked with you. We look forward to continuing to serve you for many years to come. I take great pride in having the Lauer name on a product we supply to you. And every day, as I sit in his chair, I am thankful for the life and legacy of my Dad, for the man he was, and for all he provided.

Joseph Jerome Lauer, President
January 2013

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