Lil' Paul Bunyan Jac Shirt

Lil' Paul Bunyan Jac Shirt
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Lil' Paul Bunyan Jac Shirt Lil' Paul Bunyan Jac Shirt

Lil' Paul Bunyan Jac Shirt

This Bemidji Classic has returned better than ever. We are now partnering with Abraham Moon & Sons Ltd., out of Leeds England to Bring you our beautiful Paul Bunyan Buffalo plaid Jac Shirt woven wool fabric. The 2 ¼” by 2 ¼” plaid has its origins back to the old country by a descendent of Rob Roy and hence the Rob Roy Tartan. The infamous Jock McCluskey-lawman, bounty hunter, fur trapper, gold miner and Indian Trader Jock traded all manner of goods for buffalo pelts, including heavy woven Scottish blankets emblazoned with his tartan colours. Worn in battles as a talisman, this historic Rob Roy Tartan fabric was eventually called “plaid” in the late 1880’s.

Coming of age, the historic buffalo plaid term was coined by the infamous Woolrich Woolen Mills, in Woolrich, Pennsylvania. A young mill rite helped get the original sets of weaving looms operational back in circa 1850s, when this young man showed his proud work to Woolrich Owner Mr. Rich, the term was coined “Buffalo Paid” the young man’s nick name was buffalo as he raised Buffalo on his hobby farm just outside the city limits of Woolrich.

Fabric origin Leeds England, Tailored at Bemidji Woolen Mills in the USA.

Content: 100% Pure Virgin Wool, Weight: 16 oz. per yard.

Color: #200 Red and Black Buffalo Plaid


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