Foraging Fields, Fencerows and Forests

Foraging Fields, Fencerows and Forests
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Foraging Fields, Fencerows and Forests

Author Alethea Kenney:

Author Alethea Kenney is a Traditional Naturopath, Western herbalist and Homeopath. She also has a Diploma in Veterinary Homeopathy and is certified in equine iridology. Her other books An Ounce of Prevention: Raising and Feeding Animals Naturally and Homeopathic First Aid for the Farm are available now. She has created a bioavailable livestock mineral, Back in Balance MineralsⓇ which ships nationwide. With her husband, she lives sustainably on a renewable energy off-grid farm in northern Minnesota. She consults, writes and teaches about holistic animal care, herbs, homeopathy and minerals as they relate to health in people, companion animals and livestock. She also teaches fiber art workshops.


There is a pharmacy and food shelf at our feet in the plants and trees we walk by daily. In this book, Alethea Kenney explains why learning about the uses of these plants is important, how to responsibly harvest them and gives brief traditional, edible and medicinal uses of over 40 common plants and trees of the Upper Midwest and Minnesota. Complete with color photos, the book is an invaluable place to start your education in the natural world around you. 146 pp.


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