Wool Wax Creme

Wool Wax Creme
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Wool Wax Creme

Wool Wax Creme was developed by a pharmacist in the state of Washington in the 1970's for the nucleonics division of a contractor. At the request of pharmacists and residents in the area, the creme was also placed on the market for consumer use. The company (Marcha Labs) was then purchased by Isabelle and Gerry Devlin. This Ma and Pa operation has continued to grow over the years and has established itself as one of the premier lotion production companies in North America. Gerry who also is a Montana State Senator, works in the packaging and shipping department of their home operated business, while Isabelle brews her secret concoction which eventually becomes the Wool Wax Creme so popular today. Their famous PLAIN JANE packing jars have become a symbol of this simple yet functional product.
Wool Wax Creme is one of the most popular Montana made products available. If you have dry hands, even extremely dry skin, it's time to get yourself one of the best lotions on the market. With a light, fresh scent, this lanolin-based lotion absorbs quickly and cures a variety of skin ailments. This is a great treatment for gardeners, construction works, and anyone who labors hard with their hands. The customer reviews speak for themselves.


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