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Cheyenne Eagle Blanket

Since 1990, Pendleton has been proud to support the work of the American Indian College Fund. Sales of these blankets fund scholarships to tribal colleges and make a difference in the lives of students throughtout the country.
The College Fund receives royalities for each blanket sold, which goes directly to provide scholarships for deserving students. Learn more at

By Senator Ben Nighthorse Campbell
A Cheyenne warrior came upon a spotted eagle trapped in the antlers of a fallen elk. "Free me," the eagle said, "and I will give you a gift." The warrior lifted the antlers and as the eagle flew away, it told the warrior to go over the next hill. there, a beautiful horse waited, its coat the same black and white pattern as the eagle's feathers. Unnapped

Color: 50401 - Black/Tan
Size: 39 in. x 66 in.
Style: ZG736
Price: $199.00
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